Square Meriden Lantern: Large & Portway Lamp post

£761.00 inc VAT

Meriden Lantern: Large LT03

The Meriden lantern range has been fabricated with a consideration to price while keeping style and longevity in mind. Manufactured in mild steel, then zinc plated before being powder coated. It is a black version of our copper lantern, without the cost of using copper.

We also offer the Meriden Lantern in stainless steel coated black on request.

Wrought iron frog

The lantern comes with a 'wrought iron frog’, which is attached to the lantern, and fits over the collar of the post. This is galvanized and powder coated black.

The wrought iron frog is the traditional way of mounting the lantern to the post, and would have supplied gas to the mantle on early lamps.

It has a 76mm internal entry for our larger posts and brackets, so they can fit tightly and are easily clamped via the four bolts threaded into It.

LS04 | Portway Post

Cast iron construction with a industrial steel 76mm centre tube, which gives the added advantage of us cutting and making the lamppost to your height specification if required. This also has the bonus of being able to flex in high winds like modern day commercial lighting.

Additional Security

Our range of lamps have been produced to suit drives, gardens and many commercial applications, and will enhance any area as well as add light for additional security.

Strong Durable & Quality Finish

Ornate Garden lamppost's are primed and then powder coated black to give a strong durable finish.

Other colours are available on request.

Lamppost Height

The standard height of the post only is 2385mm


  • Height: 3300mm
  • Width: 380mm

Simple to install

To make it easy to install, the base of the post has a square plate cast into it so you can bolt it directly to the ground (bolts not included).