Outdoor Security Lighting

12th October, 2014

Security lighting is not a new idea. It started when primitive man first used fire as a defence against wild animals.

It was also used by the Romans when designing fortifications. Cressets, or fire baskets, were positioned next to gateways and other openings. This meant the guard could stand back in the shadows and observe approaching strangers.

In essence, that is the principal of security lighting today. Lighting forms an important part of a system of defence, a system that consists of:

  • 'Physical defence' - walls, fences, doors, locks etc
  • 'Surveillance' - neighbours, householders, passers by, security patrols etc
  • 'Lighting' - which assists to make the above two effective after dark.

Under the cover of darkness

Thieves feel more confident, if they can work under the cover of darkness. External lighting may be used to deter intruders by creating a sense of exposure, and to increase the probability they will be seen and detected.

Security lighting can substantially cut the risk of crime both as a deterrent and psychologically.

Outdoor Security Lighting

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