Reminiscent of Victorian times

15th October, 2014

Victorian Ornamental Garden

Plants and ornamental garden props; water features, sculptures, gazing balls, birdbaths, sundials, Victorian lighting, gazebos and seating will go a long way in reshaping your space into one reminiscent of Victorian times.

Victorian Style

Even if your home is not in the typical Victorian style, you may still incorporate Victorian elements such as painted wrap-around porches, symmetrical flowerbeds, Victorian wall lamps, Victorian lanterns and ornate woodworking. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of ways to demonstrate this romantic Victorian era in your garden whether you live in a simple cottage or bungalow or even a two story farm house. You don't have to reside in a formal "painted lady" to live with Victorian sensibilities

Modern Victorian Garden

Today, Victorian gardens still constitute good taste; however you don’t need to be a Victorian aristocrat or Lady in order to have your very own!

Reminiscent of Victorian times

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