Gardens of the Victorian period

1st September, 2014

Victorian Garden Haven

Gardens of the Victorian period were conceived to highlight people’s status, wealth and taste, as well as being a haven for relaxation and tranquility.

Victorian Homes Were Ornate

When one thinks of the Victorian Age, "abundance, indulgence” generally come to mind; Victorian homes were ornate, full of trinkets, lavish ornaments’ from their prosperous age. Their books were full of flowery elaborate prose and their gardens were drenched in blooms, statues, water features, sculptures, gazing balls, birdbaths, sundials, Victorian lighting, gazebos and seating.

The Victorian Home and Garden

The quintessential Victorian home was built between 1850 and 1890, but elements of the style stretched into the next century, and even today, the style of the Victorian era is beloved by many for its beauty and romance.

Gardens of the Victorian period

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