It's about craftsmanship

It's about craftsmanship

Tradition and technology have had a long and comfortable marriage at As much as we look ahead, though, we always keep one eye on the past, continuing to be inspired by the best of design, craftsmanship and traditions.

We always have something exciting and new to offer. We believe in design and function and endeavour to bring you contemporary classics, garden must-haves and that extra special piece you weren’t expecting to find. We like to hint at our sense of British eccentricity and humour in all that we do.

We utilize many different crafts and skills in the creation of our collections, from more traditional skills such as engraving, wood carving, etching, and casting, through to highly technical laser-cutting, polishing and welding techniques.

Each of our designs are conceived to meet the specific requirements of its application or bespoke to our client's desires. Ornate Gardens Lighting has built up a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and draws upon a vast range of in-house engineering skills to make each piece.

Our collections always exhibit master craftsmanship with uncompromising attention to detail and quality.